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KYC Policy


KYC also known as Know Your Customer/Client is a way to bind verifiable information to a user such as an Identification Card, Driver’s License, or a Passport.

For Ultra's platform, KYC is required if a user wants to access more advanced blockchain features.

Features for KYC accounts

1 - Deploy smart contract

As a security measure for Ultra's network, any 3rd party who wants to deploy a new contract to Ultra will be required to provide their KYC info. This will ensure that Ultra can identify the deployer and we can respond against the party if they are trying to do any harm to our network.

As only one single smart contract can only be deployed to a blockchain account, you will be required to register KYC for all of your contract accounts.

2 - Purchase more RAM

When storing data or deploying a contract on Ultra blockchain, it will consume the user's RAM. The more data you store, the more RAM you will consume.

Although Ultra platform already provides all users a free tier of RAM, however, as a developer, you might need to store more data than normal users do. You can refer to RAM calculation in our dedicated page for more info.

By registering KYC, you will be able purchase as much RAM as you need.

KYC request for smart contract deployment

If you want to deploy a contract or register KYC for your account, please contact us at