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Minting your first Uniq

Let's Gooooo!

Now that you have your Token Factory up and running, you are free to mint some Uniqs. Exciting times are ahead!

Token Factory Information

As with the Token Factory, there is some specific data that you must include in the command.

  • <YOUR UNIQ URL> - The URL of the metadata either as a zip file, or targeting the X.json file with a full path
  • <YOUR META HASH> - The hash of the uniq, you can find this in upload.json in the factory block at the top

You can find these in the upload.json file and they will look something like this:

You will also need your <FACTORY ID>.

The easiest way to get this information is to:

  1. Go to your account on the Block Explorer
  2. Scroll down to the transactions and open the create action
  3. On the left, you can see DB Operations

In the DB Operations section you'll see some information. Most pertinent to you is the UPDATE ROW which actually holds your Token Factory id.


You'll also, of course, need to input <YOUR ACCOUNT> and the <TARGET ACCOUNT> which will receive the new Uniq.

The Issue Action

Once you have the required information, minting is a simple, straightforward transaction via cleos.

cleos --url push action eosio.nft.ft issue.b '[
    "to": "<TARGET ACCOUNT>",
    "token_configs": [
        "token_factory_id": <FACTORY ID>,
        "amount": 1,
        "custom_data": ""
    "memo": "Your first Uniq!",
    "authorizer": null,
    "maximum_uos_payment": null,
    "token_metadata": [
        "meta_uri": "<YOUR UNIQ URI>",
        "meta_hash":"<YOUR META HASH>"

Congratulations! You've now minted your first Uniq on Ultra's Testnet!