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Creating Uniq Factories

We will be walking you through the step by step process of creating your own Uniq Factory on Ultra's blockchain using our very own Uniq NFT Standard. For the sake of these guides, we'll be using the Ultra Testnet network.



The goal of these guides is to help you create your first Uniq factory and mint your first Uniq.

Get Started

Here are the steps to get started, and we will guide you through each one. By the end of these guides, you'll have successfully set up your Uniq Factory and issued your first Uniqs on the Testnet network.

  1. How to create Uniq metadata
  2. How to validate metadata using Schema Validator
  3. How to create token factory using Ultra Toolkit
  4. How to mint a Uniq using the Ultra Toolkit
  5. How to update Uniq Factory metadata and Uniq metadata using the Ultra Toolkit