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Keosd Usage

Keosd is a program that runs in the background to help store priate keys, and sign transactions. It's a secure and encrypted key storage program.

Who is it for?

  • Developers
  • Advanced Users

Obtaining Keosd

We have created a Docker image that has pre-created scripts, tools, and pre-packaged binaries. Keosd is already included inside of the Docker image.

Individual binaries are not currently available for download.

Docker Image Usage


Inside the Docker Container the following can be executed for general usage.

keosd --help

Basic Usage

Keosd can be ran by itself without even specifying help. It by default creates all wallet files in the ~/eosio-wallet directory.

It is highly suggested to use cleos in tandem with keosd, or let cleos run keosd by itself. Using any cleos wallet functions will automatically perform all keosd actions.

Wallet Infinite Unlock

If you find a need for a wallet that almost never locks itself you will need to stop the keosd service first.

pkill -f keosd

keosd can be ran by itself with a specific timeout for the unlock, and the command below will also run it in the background.

nohup keosd --http-server-address=localhost:8899 --http-max-response-time-ms=30000 --unlock-timeout=999999 &