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Contract Builder Overview

The contract builder allows you to easily build smart contracts in various ways.

You can drag & drop, or use the cli directly, or even integrate it as a library into your own tools.

The contract builder comes in three different flavors.

  • Library
  • Global cli application
  • Binary File

Each of these are available to download from the main repository.

Usage as a library can be viewed inside of the README in the official repository.


  • cdt-cpp
  • cmake


Installing with NodeJS

Keep in mind we use at least Node v16+ for this.

npm i -g @ultraos/contract-builder

Obtaining Binary Files

Binaries can be obtained here


If you are on windows, you can drag / drop the folder onto the binary file to compile.

contract-builder ./some-folder/some-example-contract-folder

Build Parameters

contract-builder -i ./test/example-contract -b "-DTEST=true"


See for example contracts to utilize with this project.