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How to get RAM

After creating a developer account you can also purchase RAM for your account.


This is only necessary if you are a smart contract developer

Why do you need RAM?

RAM on the Ultra blockchain is essential for storing smart contract data and state. When you purchase RAM, you are purchasing RAM with the intent of storing data on-chain for other users to interact with.

Initial Setup

  1. Download Chrome or Brave
  2. Install the Ultra Wallet Chrome Extension
  3. Refresh this Page
  4. Use the form below to quickly add RAM
  5. Ultra wallet should open
  6. Make sure to set your wallet to Testnet
  7. Import your private key into the wallet

Purchase RAM

Use the form below to add RAM to your account on our Test Network.

All Done!

You now have a development account with some UOS balance, and a little bit of RAM to publish a smart contract!