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Game Developer Center

The Game Development Center (or GDC for short) is where everything involved in the set up and publication of your games' store pages can be found. Whether it's adding the assets to display on the store, uploading your games' files, integrating our Unity or Unreal plugin, all will take place on the GDC.


Before we start with a step by step guide on how to upload your game on Ultra, we will start with a high level overview of Ultra’s unique product distribution technology. Unlike other game distribution platforms, on Ultra, product ownership is represented on the blockchain.

Other platforms work like this: User buys a product => Company stores the ownership variable on a database => Product shows up in the user's library

On Ultra, the ownership entitlement looks like this: User buys product => Product's token is added to the user's wallet (which is their blockchain account) => Product shows up in user’s library. In other words, product entitlements are stored on the blockchain instead of a classic database.

By setting up a store token factory in Ultra’s GDC (no coding required), you can associate a game build branch to any uniq this uniq factory produces. Do note that at the moment, the uniq factory needs to be created by Ultra employees in order for it to be on our blockchain. More information can be found on the "Uniq Factories" section of this guide.