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Development Environment Setup

Most convinent way to interact with a docker container and manage the files inside it is by using VSCode


For the local environment you just open ~/ultra_workdir if you're on Linux or C:\Users\Username\ultra_workdir on Windows using VSCode. You can write all the tests and smart contract code locally. Then if you want to build and test use one of the following pathways:


Start a docker container using this command. It'll start a container called ultra which you can connect to using VSCode. By default your ultra-workdir is mounted to the /opt/ultra_workdir directory inside the container so any changes in that directory will persist on your filesystem. Go to the Remote-Explorer and attach to the ultra container.

Once connected to the container open the terminal

and open the /opt/ultra_workdir directory inside the container


To connect to your virtual machine using ssh go to Remote-Explorer and then select SSH Targets. Make sure the targets are available in your ~/.ssh/config.