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When the current active version is N, and the next major version to work on is N+1, this action can be used to activate version N+1.

Technical Behavior

It works with the migration singleton table and stores the current active version, and migration status to this version. Only ultra.nft.ft account can call this action.

Action Parameters

There is no action parameter for this action.

CLI - cleos

cleos push action eosio.nft.ft activers '{}' -p ultra.nft.ft@active

# to view the migration status:
cleos get table eosio.nft.ft eosio.nft.ft migration

# example output right after v1 is activated
      "active_nft_version": 1,
      "table_migration_stats": 0

JavaScript - eosjs

await transact(
            account: 'eosio.nft.ft',
            name: 'activers',
            authorization: [{ actor: 'ultra.nft.ft', permission: 'active' }],
            data: {},
        blocksBehind: 3,
        expireSeconds: 30,