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Creates a factory group.

Technical Behavior

  • Anyone can create a factory group. RAM is charged in the beginning so a creator needs to make sure max_uos_payment is larger than charged value.

  • factories field cannot contain duplicates.

RAM usage/cost calculation and payment/refund

  • RAM usage used to store factory group info is covered by eosio.nftram account. If the unused RAM of eosio.nftram is less than or equal to 200MB, the action can’t be executed.

  • The cost of a factory group entry is paid to eosio.nftram and it will be locked up in this entry. The funds are released back to the original payer after the factory group is deleted

    • First, the cost in USD is (factory RAM payment size) * (RAM price), where

      • NFT RAM payment size: 960 bytes. Estimated for:

        • uri with length of 256
        • 64 entries in factories
      • RAM price: 0.15 USD/KB

    • The cost is paid in UOS. The action gets 1 MINUTE conversion rate in USD/UOS from contract. and calculates the cost by (960B/1024B * 0.15USD/KB) / (conversion rate) = 0.140625 USD/(conversion rate)

  • When a factory group manager adds or removes a factory from the group

    • No additional RAM is charged for or released funds for

Action Parameters

field namec++ typejs type


cleos push action eosio.nft.ft creategrp '["ultra", "http://localhost", "d5768f8e2a7b1a8a9774dfb538e0a1928d0d9ac5f08bd781c21459b4308dc523", ["20", "7", "44"], "1.00000000 UOS"]'


await transact([{
    account: 'eosio.nft.ft',
    name: 'creategrp',
    authorization: [{actor: 'ubisoft', permission: 'active'}],
    data: {
        manager: "ubisoft",
        uri: "",
        hash: "d5768f8e2a7b1a8a9774dfb538e0a1928d0d9ac5f08bd781c21459b4308dc523",
        factories: [1, 2, 5, 10],
        max_uos_payment: "1.00000000 UOS"
}], {
  blocksBehind: 3,
  expireSeconds: 30,