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Allows a token manager to lock hashes for the factory, default token and all minted tokens as well as any token minted afterwards.

Technical Behavior

The required authorization is the token_factory_manager as the manager is responsible for updating the data.

token_factory_id is required and must exist.

RAM usage

  • Adding uri and hash will consume certain bytes depend on how many data are added.

    • RAM usage is covered by eosio.nftram. But this action will fail if the unused RAM of eosio.nftram is less than or equal to 200MB.

    • If the RAM usage is exceed token maximum pack size of 384 bytes, action will fail.

  • Updating or remove meta data which result in no bytes is added, there will be no restriction.

Action Parameters

Property NameC++ TypeJavascript TypeExample

CLI - cleos

cleos push action eosio.nft.ft lckfactory '[1]' -p manager.acc@active

JavaScript - eosjs

await api.transact(
        actions: [
                account: 'eosio.nft.ft',
                name: 'lckfactory',
                authorization: [{ actor: 'manager.acc', permission: 'active' }],
                data: {
                    token_factory_id: 1,
        blocksBehind: 3,
        expireSeconds: 30,