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This action can be used to migrate uniq factories from v0 to v1 as continuous migration.

Parameter validation

The number of factories to migrate is specified as total_no, which should not be zero.

Main operations

Each v0 factory record in factory.a table is converted to v1 factory record and moved to factory.b table. This process continues for total_no times or until factory.a table becomes empty, in which case factory_a_migration_done flag (1) is set in migration table.

Action Parameters

Property NameC++ TypeJavaScript Type

CLI - cleos

cleos push action eosio.nft.ft mgrfactories '{"total_no": 10}' -p ultra.nft.ft@active

JavaScript - eosjs

await api.transact(
        actions: [
                account: 'eosio.nft.ft',
                name: 'mgrfactories',
                authorization: [{ actor: 'ultra.nft.ft', permission: 'active' }],
                data: {
                    total_no: 10,
        blocksBehind: 3,
        expireSeconds: 30,