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Place tokens for sale on the resell marketplace.


Allows a user to set their token for resale and to specify the expected price. Think of it like marking a token for sale in a marketplace.

Technical Behavior

Upon the usage of the resell action the action will verify that the parameters supplied in the action have values. This includes seller, token_id, price, promoter_basis_point, and memo.

The memo specifically has a 256 byte limitation. The required authorization is the seller as the seller is the one who is meant to own the token that is being sold. During this process there must be a price, and the promoter_basis_point has a minimum value specified by Ultra in saleshrlmcfg table under a scope of 1 in min_promoter_share_bp (default is 200 meaning 2%) which serves as a share of the potential promoter of the future purchase of the token being sold. Otherwise it cannot exceed the maximum resale_share_limit value for the promoter. The maximum value is specified by Ultra in saleshrlmcfg table under a scope of 1 in max_promoter_share_bp (default is 1000 (10%)). This means that that promoter_basis_point should by default be between 250 - 1000. The token has its version looked up and then proceeds with the following resale behavior.

Once a version is determined and the token has determined its route for resale it will retrieve the token from the token table. It will validate that the token_factory exists by using the token_factory_id specified inside of the token. It will fail if it cannot determine these values.

During the resale verification it will determine if the price specified by the user is greater than the minimum specified by the token_factory. It will also check to ensure that the token can be traded and is valid for the trading window.

It will also ensure that the token has exceeded the lockup time specified by the token_factory. Meaning that at this stage it is fully available for being resold or traded.

Once this has been completed it will ensure that the sale_shares does not exceed the maximum sales_share percentage which is 10000 basis points (100%) and normally this should always be the case.

The resale table will try to find the token and ensure it doesn’t already exist in the token resale table.

If it doesn’t exist it gets placed and the transaction is completed.


require_recipient is done for seller and asset manager of the token factory

Action Parameters

Try to think of the action parameters as a JSON Object when reading this table. There will be a JavaScript example of the action below this table.

sellereosio::nameThe current Owner account
token_iduint64_tThe NFT ID
priceeosio::assetThe resale price
promoter_basis_pointuint16_tThe resale promoter comission.
memostd::stringA short operation description

CLI - cleos

cleos push action eosio.nft.ft resell '[{ "seller": "seller.acc", "token_id": 25, "price": "4.00000000 UOS", "promoter_basis_point": 250, "memo": "Up for Sale!" }]' -p seller.acc@active

JavaScript - eosjs

await api.transact(
        actions: [
                account: 'eosio.nft.ft',
                name: 'resell',
                authorization: [{ actor: 'seller.acc', permission: 'active' }],
                data: {
                    resell: {
                        seller: 'seller.acc',
                        token_id: 25,
                        price: '4.00000000 UOS',
                        promoter_basis_point: 250,
                        memo: 'Up for Sale!',
        blocksBehind: 3,
        expireSeconds: 30,