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Oracle Contract

Overview contract is responsible for processing conversion rates from USD to UOS, calculating moving averages for this conversion and storing it inside on-chain tables.

Oracle infrastructure is owned and managed by Ultra but anyone else can freely access the conversion rates stored in the tables to utilize in your own business logic.

Contract features

  • Supports multiple exchanges to process rates from
  • Exchanges weighted based on the 24 hours trading volume
  • Outlier detection removes likely anomalies from the conversion rates
  • Supports variety of moving averages with windows ranging from couple seconds up to a couple of days
  • Each conversion rate and moving average has an associated timestamp for validation purposes


  • UOS conversion rate is calculation
    • Read this guide to better understand how the USD to UOS conversion rate is calculated
  • Reading UOS conversion rate
    • This tutorial covers how to access and read conversion rates and averages from the Oracle contract
  • Validating moving averages
    • This page covers the validation and seconds level moving average refresh operation
  • Oracle contract tables
    • If you already went through the tutorial to access conversion rates from the Oracle contract then you can also refer to this page for deeper understanding of the contract table structure

Use Cases

Oracle contract is used or can be used in following scenarios

  • Any contract logic that requires converting USD to UOS
  • Any contract logic that requires the trend or average data for UOS price
  • BP payouts for blocks produced
  • NFT first-hand and second-hand pricing calculation that is done through USD and converted to UOS
  • NFT RAM payment conversion from bytes to USD to UOS
  • Non-EBA account creation price conversion from USD to UOS