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Terminates the oracle contract removing all the stored data and returning to original state.

Technical Behavior

Will remove all table entries for oraclestate, feeddata, feedcompl, finalrates and finalaverage tables. This means that oracle must be initialized again after this action is executed as no data is preserved.


This action is meant to be used for diagnostics, debugging or fixing purposes only. It should not be used during normal oracle operation.

Action Parameters

This action does not accept any parameters.

Required Permissions:

CLI - cleos

cleos push action terminate '[]' -p

JavaScript - eosjs

(async () => {
    const result = await api.transact(
            actions: [
                    account: '',
                    name: 'purgefrates',
                    authorization: [
                            actor: '',
                            permission: 'active',
                    data: {},
            blocksBehind: 3,
            expireSeconds: 30,