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EBA and non-EBA Accounts

How it works

For non-EBA the account name is auto generated and has a form of “1aa2aa3aa4aa” where “a” is an English alphabet letter in the range of [a-z]. An EBA account name has a form of “aa1aa2aa3aa4” and can be proposed by the account creator. If the proposed name exists or does not follow the format, a new name is generated automatically.

Ultra sponsors the RAM needed for an EBA account creation. For non-EBA account records the RAM can be paid by another account.

Easy Blockchain Account - EBA

An Easy Blockchain Account is a special type of account mainly for average users.


A non-EBA account is a typical blockchain account controlled by private keys you must secure yourself.

Relevant actions

newnonebact - create a non-EBA account

newebact - create a EBA account

Relevant tables

userres - resource-allocation-per-account