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buyram - buy RAM with UOS

Increases the receiver's ram quota based upon current price and quantity of tokens provided. An inline transfer from receiver to system contract of tokens will be executed.

payereosio::nameThe source account name. Authentication required
receivereosio::nameThe destination account name
quanteosio::assetThe amount of UOS to spend

CLI - cleos

cleos push action eosio buyram '["bob", "alice", "5.00000000 UOS"]' -p bob

JavaScript - eosjs

await api.transact({
  actions: [
      account: "eosio",
      name: "buyram",
      authorization: [{ actor: "bob", permission: "active" }],
      data: {
        payer: "bob",
        receiver: "alice",
        quant: "5.00000000 UOS"