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undelegatebw - unstake tokens for POWER

Unstake delegated bandwidth that a user staked for another user or self. If the user delegated bandwidth to the receiver without UOS transfer, they may re-obtain the bandwidth at any time.

fromeosio::nameThe source account name. Authentication required
receivereosio::nameThe destination account name
stake_net_quantityeosio::assetThe amount of POWER to unstake
transferboolIf true transfers UOS tokens but not the POWER itself

CLI - cleos

cleos push action eosio undelegatebw '["from","receiver","5.0000 UOS",true]' -p from

JavaScript - eosjs

await api.transact({
  actions: [
      account: "eosio",
      name: "undelegatebw",
      authorization: [{ actor: "from", permission: "active" }],
      data: {
        from: "from",
        receiver: "receiver",
        stake_net_quantity: "5.00000000 UOS",
        transfer: "true"